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There is nothing like a strong emotional theme played with an awesome guitar tone. I'm talking about the kind of theme you hear once and never forget (Top Gun theme song anyone?). Those are the kind of songs that take people places. They hold the power to trigger deep emotions in the listener that are often hard to describe with words.

What if you had the ability to create irresistible themes on the fly and captivate listeners from the very first few notes? I hear some of you saying that this requires natural talent and that only a few select gifted players can achieve such a thing. What if I told you that there is a secret formula that if used properly can teach players of any level create themes that are so strong, so catchy, that listeners will be forced to pay attention to what you are playing? Let me tell you about the MELODIC FORMULA.

Here’s a secret: You already know the secret to create mind blowing themes, you just forgot how to do it!

Does any of the following sound familiar?...

You spend hours practicing the same patterns over and over

I get it, you want to master the instrument and spend most of your practice time playing exercises and technical drills. Those things are definitely important and have their place, but they won't help you make a musical statement that lasts.

You always start your solos with the pentatonic scale

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pentatonic scale, it works most of the time and it does sound awesome! However relying exclusively on the same old pentatonic scale probably means that your musical lines all sound the same and that your music is heavily influenced by the shapes you are comfortable with. This is NOT how memorable themes are made!

You feel lost when you don't know the key you need to play in

There is nothing worse than feeling lost on the instrument. This often results in poor musical choices and frustration for the player and the listener. The good news is that you don't need to know the key you are playing in to craft heart warming melodic themes that the listener will remember and want to hear over and over. You can do this!

If you recognized yourself in any of the previous statements, that's great! You are going to love what comes next!

The truth is that there is a very simple formula you can use to create incredibly catchy themes that will make your music so appealing to the listener that they will be begging for more. It is so simple that even a beginner guitar player can do it. The best news is that although knowing scales can help, it is not required (don't worry though, I'll teach you how to use scales too!). Enter the Melodic Formula course!

The Melodic Formula course comes with everything you need to start creating themes so powerful that even those who don't like music will be irresistibly drawn to what you have to say musically!

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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Every now and then I secretly sneak in and check out some of David's videos. An incredible guitarist with an incredible gift to share all the wisdom in s very clear and understandable way. If I'm not learning something absolutely new, I'm at least getting a better understanding of things. Pump up the inspiration, thank you Mr. Wallimann!

Mika Tyyskä - Solo artist, Mr. Fastfinger

David is a top of the line energetic visionary musician. Take advantage of his offerings!

Jennifer Batten - Solo artist, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck

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