Smooth Jazz
Jam Tracks
Vol 2

This new collection offers beautiful smooth backing tracks.

Course Features

HD backing tracks

The pack comes with 10 full length backing tracks recorded, mixed and mastered in a professional recording environment.

Full scale diagrams

Each backing track comes with its chord chart and scale diagrams so that you always know what to play and how to play it.

Beautiful Smooth

The best way to develop melodic jazz phrases!

Following the very successful Smooth Jazz Jam Tracks, this new collection offers even more beautiful smooth backing tracks for guitar players in need of inspiration.

Each backing track comes with its own chord progression and suggested scale diagrams.

A variety of different musical keys were used when writing these tacks in order to offer players an opportunity to develop musical ideas and guitar licks all over the fretboard.


Each of the 10 downloadable backing tracks comes with full chord charts and scale diagrams so that you always know what to play and how to play it.

As soon as you sign up, you will get instant unlimited access to all the following tracks (click to expand):

    1. Alter Rebounce
    2. Funky Smooth
    3. Happy Major Groove
    4. Manhattan Jazz
    5. Minor Smooth Jazz
    6. Mister Cool
    7. Poppy Phyrgian
    8. Smooth Chords
    9. Smooth Cruise
    10. Smoothy Mix
    1. Alter Rebounce
    2. Smooth Chords
    3. Mister Cool

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Get all 10 HD Backing tracks, chord charts and detailed scale diagrams.

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Meet Your Tutor

  • David Wallimann

    David is a respected Franco-American guitar teacher known for his ability to make the most difficult musical concepts easy to understand and use. Thousands of guitar players throughout the world have benefited from his method. His teaching abilities and unique voice on the instrument makes him an invaluable asset in your musical progress.