What You’ll Learn

The Simply Sweeping course will teach players how to develop and master the economy picking technique.

The method breaks down the technique into very simple “micro-movements” that are at the core of the technique.

Once the technique mastered, the course offers a multitude of very practical exercises and licks that you can use to develop incredibly fast and exciting musical lines.

  • Learn the core technique
    As soon as you join the course, you will learn how the technique works and how to use all the movements correctly
  • Develop the Mechanics
    Once the core technique understood, your instructors will walk you through a series of practical exercises assuring you are executing each movement properly.
  • Learn The Licks
    The course comes with dozens of very practical licks built on the economy picking technique.
  • Discover More…
    You’ll soon discover that economy picking opens new doors leading to a multitude of exciting interesting musical ideas. We can’t wait to see where this leads you!


There is something you need to know about me… I’m a Blues player at the core.

Pentatonic licks are my to go musical lines when facing a new solo. There is nothing like playing a heartfelt bended note and feeling it vibrate and move the audience. No matter how many times I’ve played these licks, they still speak to me in such a powerful way. I’m sure you can relate!

But I have a secret… Every once in a while I dream of playing fast. I don’t mean Blues fast, I mean BLAZING fast. Now I’m not a shredder by any means and yes – Blues will always be a main aspect of my playing. But man, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to inject some super fast shreddy licks every once in a while. I’d love that!

Now I know I am not alone. I know there are players out there in the same situation who feel that need for speed.

Could this be you? If so, keep reading!


A few years ago, I decided to give this speed thing one last chance. That’s when I (re)-discovered the economy picking technique.

I had heard about that technique before, but to be honest it never clicked and seemed very impractical. That quickly changed as you are about to discover!

You see, the problem wasn’t with the technique, it was with my approach. When I first was exposed to the economy picking technique, I approached it as a whole.

I tried to master every component of the technique making it very difficult and impossible to truly master. So I went to work and started carefully breaking down the technique into core concepts.


To help me with this task, I called upon economy picking expert Nick Kellie who currently works with none other than Frank Gambale – who basically invented economy picking!

The discoveries we both made as we prepared the topic were mind blowing, and you can now benefit from them in this course!

Course Features

Full Video Curriculum

Each video shows you exactly what to practice. The course is very easy to follow and is fail proof if you follow each video in order.

HD backing tracks

Full length professionally recorded backing tracks are included giving you an opportunity to apply what you will learn.

Detailed Tablatures

Every single pick movement has been carefully noted for you to know EXACTLY how to play the many included examples.

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What The Pros
Are Saying…

Nick is one of the best up-and-coming players out there today.

Frank Gambale
Guitarist, solo artist

Nick, you sound great! Very nice tone and chord/melody structure

Steve Vai
Guitarist, solo artist

David Wallimann is a top of the line visionary musician

Jennifer Batten
Guitarist, Michael Jackson

Nick Kellie

Nick’s debut record For A Brother was heard by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, who contacted Nick personally to sign Nick and release the album on his label imprint, Digital Nations.

In 2005, Nick recorded a special live show for BBC Radio 2 and was awarded the BBC Big Band Jazz Awards’ John Dankworth Trophy for Outstanding Young Soloists.

Nick currently tours the world as the guitarist with the legendary Frank Gambale.


Like many of us, David started playing guitar in his teens. He went on to earn several advanced guitar and professional musician degrees from notable schools in France before emigrating to the United States in 2005 to pursue his music career.

In 2013 he began teaching at Dweezil Zappa’s annual music camp.

Today, David’s website and award-winning YouTube channel represent a popular brand empowering and inspiring thousands of guitar players to develop their own musical personality.

Your Personal Step-By-Step Plan

As soon as you sign up, you will get instant unlimited access to all the following content (click to expand):

    1. Start Here!
    2. Download The Tabs
    3. What is Economy Picking?
    4. Holding the Pick
    5. Holding the Pick Exercises
    6. Odds and Evens
    7. String Muting
    8. String Muting Exercises
    9. Finger Rolls
    10. Finger Rolls Exercises
    11. Syncronization
    1. Major Exercises - Downloads
    2. Basic Major Exercises
    3. Minor Exercises - Downloads
    4. Basic Minor Exercises
    1. Download The Tabs
    2. Triad Types
    3. Triad Types Exercises
    4. Major Scale Harmonization
    5. Horizontal Major Triads Exercises
    6. Vertical Major Triads Exercises
    7. Major Triads Sequences Exercises
    8. Horizontal Minor Triads Exercises
    9. Vertical Minor Triads Exercises
    10. Minor Triads Sequences Exercises
    1. 3 note per string
    2. Modal Order
    3. Before You Get Started
    4. Download The Tabs
    5. Modal Workout 1
    6. Modal Workout 2
    7. Sweepable Sequences
    8. Mixolydian Sequences
    9. Dorian Sequences
    1. Download The Tabs
    2. Combining 16th and Triplets
    3. Quintuplets
    4. Rhythm Accents
    5. Rhythm Displacement
    1. Download The Tabs
    2. Sus 2 Arpeggios
    3. Add 9 Arpeggios
    4. 4 Note Arpeggios
    5. 5 Note Arpeggios
    1. About The Studies
    2. E Dorian Study
    3. E Mixolydian Study
    4. Final Words

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