There is something very interesting that plagues guitar players and prevents them to progress on the instrument. What’s interesting is that this has nothing to do with technique or music theory. It has absolutely nothing to do with natural talent. And no, it doesn’t even have to do with the amount of time you spend practicing.

Here’s the truth… The reason you have ever been stuck on guitar is that you probably don’t know HOW and WHAT to practice. It’s not your fault. The problem is that learning HOW to practice is not something guitar teachers teach… until today!


Over the past two decades I’ve been working with over 5,000 adult guitar players getting them to finally play awesome guitar solos.

What I have found is that the biggest reason guitar players get stuck and can’t seem to get past a certain level is that they don’t know HOW and WHAT to practice. Nobody teaches that, and it’s a shame… So I called Steve Stine and Sam Bell – two of the absolute best guitar instructors I know – to come up with a plan to change that.

The three of us came up with a very unique method of practice that GUARANTY that you will always progress on your instrument anytime you pick up your guitar, even if you only have 10 minutes to play.

Today, I am extremely excited to invite you to join the GET UNSTUCK PRACTICE WORKSHOPS and finally experience what I believe will be the biggest breakthrough in your guitar journey.

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The GET UNSTUCK PRACTICE WORKSHOPS promises to get you out of ANY guitar rut, and this regardless of how many years you have been playing. This is done by immersing you in a new type of video experience in which you will be guided by a carefully selected panel of guitar educators through a series of very practical practice routines that will guarantee to get you unstuck.

Each practice workshop was carefully designed to help you overcome the common pitfalls we all experience as guitar players (lack of direction, not knowing which scales to use, poor technique, etc.) This type of training really works because instead of looking for the next thing to practice on Youtube, you will learn how to discover the next thing to practice by simply watching HOW your instructors built their practice plan and HOW to use it.

You will experience the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for without having to go down long boring rabbit holes that leave you frustrated and worse than where you started!


The Practice Method
The 3 practice workshops you will access are built following a very unique practice template created by instructor David Wallimann. Before getting into the workshops, you will have an opportunity to learn how the templates are created and how you can tweak them to your own needs.

Theory Practice Workshop – David Wallimann
This practice workshop led by instructor David Wallimann focuses more on theory and is designed to help you develop better understanding of what you play and why it works.

Technique Practice Workshop – Steve Stine
This workshop led by Steve Stine focuses more on the technical aspect of playing and will have you engage in simple practical musical drills aimed to help you express yourself on the guitar without any technical limitations.

Creativity Practice Workshop – Sam Bell
This workshop led by instructor Sam Bell focuses primarily on creativity and musicality. You will be guided through interesting musical exercises that will inspire you to develop your musical personality.

Instant lifetime access to all three workshops!

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    1. About the Workshops
    2. How the Practice Plans Work
    3. Practice Plan Templates
    1. Learning the Fretboard
    2. Fretboard Position Workout
    3. Expanding the Pentatonic Scale
    4. Playing the Sweet Notes
    5. Beyond the Minor Pentatonic Scale
    6. Mixing Scales Together
    1. Technical Drills
    2. Modern Lick Building
    3. Melodic Development
    4. Legato Speed Bursts
    5. Theory for Blues Rock Players
    1. Making Old Licks Sound Better
    2. Playing From the Heart
    3. Developing Your Voice
    4. Melodic Improvisation
    5. Creative Limitations
    6. Making Sense of the Fretboard

If you are stuck in your playing THIS IS YOUR BREAKTHROUGH!

But you are also probably wondering “how much is this going to cost me?” I’m glad you asked! The three instructors that will guide you in the workshops all charge an average of $150 per hour.

My goal with the GET UNSTUCK PRACTICE WORKSHOPS is to help as many guitar players as possible get out of the frustrating stage they are in, so you are not going to pay $150 to each instructor. As a matter of fact, You won’t even pay half of that price.

Here’s the deal, I really had two options when deciding how much to charge for this workshop series. I could either charge an extremely low fee and sell as many workshop tickets as possible or… I could charge a little bit more so that I could ensure that each participant gets premium support from myself and the Guitar Playback team and guarantee that all the delivered value is far more better than anything else you can find out there. That’s the option I chose, because I care about your success!

When you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the three hour long workshops for just one easy payment of $97!

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DavID Wallimann
DavID Wallimann

recording artist, educator

David’s passion is to help guitar players get unstuck and start expressing themselves on the guitar. With over 25 years of teaching experience, he can help you achieve your musical goals!

Steve Stine
Steve Stine

educator, musician

Steve is the mastermind behind GuitarZoom. His amazing ability to teach music in a very approachable and fun way make him an invaluable asset in your musical education.

Sam Bell
Sam Bell

session guitarist, educator

When not on the road, Sam writes columns for Guitar Interactive Magazine, Premier Guitar, and films DVDs for Lick Library. Sam also spends time lecturing at Waterbear College of Music in the UK.



Learn how to visualize the full guitar neck as you map out the different scales and arpeggios you will learn to use.


You will learn essential warmups and drills to get your technique unstuck and increase your synchronization, speed and overall comfort on the guitar.


Your coaches will teach you simple new concepts and ideas to develop new musical ideas that sound more like YOU!

Over $200 worth of bonus content included

When you sign up this week, you will also receive two exclusive masterclasses and 40 additional backing tracks that you can use to develop all the ideas you will learn in the workshops.

You get the VISUALIZING THE FRETBOARD masterclass by instructor Gregory Belomey. This never before released masterclass will help you memorize the fretboard and improvise over the neck without having to spend hour upon hour memorizing complicated shapes.

I’m also going to include the awesome PENTATONIC FOR EVERYTHING masterclass by guitar instructor John Huldt. This masterclass will teach you how to tweak the minor pentatonic scale and use it over any chord progression (yes, even those complicated jazz ones!)

Last but not least, when you sign up today you will also get the MELODIC FANTASY BACKING TRACK SET which is a collection of 40 super high quality melodic rock backing tracks specifically designed to help you apply all the ideas you will learn in the workshops.

  • Visualizing the fretboard
    ($57 value)
    In this exclusive, never before released masterclass led by instructor Gregory Belomey, you will learn how to easily navigate the fretboard and improvise all over the neck.
  • Pentatonic for everything
    ($57 value)
    Follow renown guitar instructor John Huldt in this eye opening masterclass teaching you how to quickly improvise over any chord progression using the pentatonic scale and its variations.
  • Melodic Fantasy Backing Track Set
    ($97 value)
    This collection of downloadable high quality backing tracks will quickly become your favorite tools when practicing.

Money Back Guarantee

I know that these workshops will make a real difference in your playing, but I also understand that buying anything online is scary. What if the course doesn’t work? What if you don’t like it? What if it’s too advanced?

Just try the workshops for yourself for a full 30 days. If you do not get all the results you expect in those 30 days OR
If you are not playing better solos in the first 15 days OR
Even if you don’t like the way my videos look… the way I talk… you name it… I’ll gladly refund every penny – No questions asked!

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