Applied Theory

By David Wallimann

This incredible video lesson pack will explain to you in depth everything you need to know about modes, intervals, scales and applied theory for the guitar. This extensive video course should answer all your questions on the subject and help you phrase with more purpose and more direction. All videos are in .mov format compatible with PC and Mac.The pack includes 8 lessons and includes backing tracks and scale diagrams. This is an essential pack that has helped hundreds of players unlock their fretboard knowledge!

You get over 2 1/2 hours of in depth video lessons teaching you everything you need to know about music theory! Included are quality backing tracks for you to apply what you learned. You also get all the scale charts in PDF format.

This course is broken into the following 8 easy to follow modules:

Module 1 - Intervals

Module 2 - Minor Pentatonic Scales

Module 3 - Major Pentatonic Scales

Module 4 - Minor Modes

Module 5 - Major Modes

Module 6 - Locrian Mode

Module 7 - Minor Modal Pentatonic Scales

Module 8 - Major Modal Pentatonic Scales

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